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Key Steps ABA Therapy provides ABA therapy to children with ASD and other developmental disabilities in CENTER, HOME, and COMMUNITY settings.

Key Steps ABA Therapy provides individualized ABA therapy based on each individual’s needs. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) conducts assessments in order to identify your child’s and your family’s needs, interests, strengths, and challenges. The BCBA designs and oversees the individual treatment plans and as well as the accompanying parent training. Treatment goals will target deficits in various areas and will also target behaviors that interfere with the learning progress of your child. The BCBA ensures a consistent supervision of your child’s progress and will adjust the goals as needed. You will meet regularly with your BCBA to review your child’s treatment plan and you will receive intensive training that will help you to utilize behavioral techniques beyond your child’s ABA therapy.


Our services include but are not limited to:

1:1 ABA therapy in varied settings

de-sensitization programs

development and implementation of behavior intervention plans (BIP)

independent living skills

individualized skill and barrier assessments

individualized treatment plan development

executive functional skill development

functional behavior assessments (FBA)

functional communication training

self-care skill development incl. potty training

social skill development

transfer of skills to community settings



While working in your home setting, we are able to provide support across all areas of the child’s daily life. Our services in the home setting may include:

  • cognitive functioning  

  • communication and language skills  

  • eating behaviors  

  • emotional development    

  • following daily routines and participating in daily chores and leisure activities  

  • potty training

  • self-care skills (for example dressing, toothbrushing, handwashing, buttoning, zipping etc.)    

  • social and communication skills (for example learning how to play and communicate with siblings, grandparents, cousins, etc.)


Key Steps ABA Therapy also provides individualized ABA therapy in community settings. We can help your child and your family to navigate challenges outside of your home and support a skill transfer from your home into your community. Our services may include:

  • coping and tolerance skills

  • language and communication skills

  • play and leisure skills

  • safety skills

  • self-advocacy and independence

  • self-management

  • social skills

home based

PARENT TRAINING – In Person and via Telehealth

Key Steps ABA Therapy provides individualized parent training based on your family’s and your child’s needs. Research has shown that parent involvement in the treatment process increases the likelihood of your child’s success. To help you become involved and knowledgeable, we work around your schedule and will set up parent training sessions in person and/or via telehealth. Based on your expertise, your insight, and the history of your child, we will create the most beneficial training plan. Utilizing Behavior Skill Training (BST), we will work on a variety of skills, including but not limited to:

  • reinforcement procedures  

  • functions of behaviors  

  • utilizing antecedent strategies    

  • prompting  

  • shaping  

  • creating task analyses  

  • utilizing visual schedules and token economies etc. 


Does your child struggle with situations/skill areas not listed above? Let us know and we can evaluate how we can support your child.

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