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Why Key Steps ABA Therapy

At Key Steps ABA Therapy:

Key Steps ABA Therapy embraces diversity and inclusivity throughout the company and the daily work we do.

We believe in uniqueness and equity.

Key Steps ABA Therapy is committed to create a culture where difference is valued.   

You and your child are deeply cared for.

You are welcomed into an environment based on trust, respect, and encouragement. The individuality of your child and your family will be the ultimate basis for each treatment plan and intervention. You will be passionately supported, cheered on, and efficiently taught meaningful skills. We will treasure every minute you trust us to work with your child and your family.

We are dedicated to provide exceptional, high quality, and passionate ABA therapy.

Each treatment plan is individualized and takes socially significant behaviors as well as the needs of each individual into consideration. We work based on behavioral laws and make decisions based on data derived from ongoing analyses and frequent assessments.

We value honesty and openness in communication.

We emphasize collaboration to achieve better outcomes. We believe in respectful cooperation, education, and creating learning environments that are most beneficial for each child. We strongly believe in thorough parent education and training so parents are able to teach, advocate, and participate in their children’s development. Key Steps ABA Therapy emphasizes a healthy lifestyle with a balance between work and home to allow everyone to reach their full potential. We are truly thankful to be part of your journey and to enhance the lives of your wonderful children.

The values we stand for:













The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence® (BHCOE®) is an international accrediting body specific to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The BHCOE Accreditation® is an earned certification and a distinction among ABA providers that demonstrates an organization’s commitment to quality and continuous improvement in ABA.  


We are very proud to announce that Key Steps ABA Therapy has received the

BHCOE Preliminary Accreditation®! 

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