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Kid Playing with Bubble

Empowering exceptional people to take a big leap.

We provide individualized home-based and community-based ABA therapy as well as parent training in Oakland County, Michigan.

Your Partner for Autism and Behavioral Services


through play

because play is one of the most essential ways through which kids learn


challenging behaviors

by identifying its functions, implementing strategies to reduce or eliminate its effectiveness, and always replacing them with more helpful behaviors


socially significant skills

because children need to learn what to do instead of what not to do when communicating their wants and needs


What We Do and How We Do It

To successfully decrease unwanted behaviors and teach substitute behaviors, we must know more about each behavior. This is when we look at the ABC’s. What are ABC’s? A is the Antecedent and describes what happens right before the behavior. B is the Behavior itself. C is the Consequence and describes what happens right after the behavior.

Knowing the Antecedents, Behaviors, and Consequences helps us to understand why a behavior may be happening and how events following the behavior may affect whether the behavior is likely to happen again.

Art Class
Psychologist for Children

Why Key Steps ABA Therapy

Key Steps ABA Therapy is a partner you can count on. We listen to you and we hear you. We develop individualized treatment plans specifically for your child. We help your child to successfully navigate many different areas of life. We focus on equipping your child with skills necessary for pursuing personal achievement and reaching their highest potential.

Your child just received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

You certainly may have countless questions and feel overwhelmed. Even though, there are a numerous resources available, it is not always clear where to start and what to expect.

Key Steps ABA Therapy is here to help you find the right resources and answers to your questions. Get in touch with us and we will guide you in the right direction. We will identify your child’s unique needs and design an individualized treatment plan for your child. We would be proud to be part of your journey.

We teach to learn, to play, and to have fun.

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